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Welcome to the new seti website!

compartment AB is participating in the SETI@Home project via Boinc!

What is SETI@Home?

SETI, or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is a scientific effort seeking to determine if there is intelligent life outside Earth.
SETI researchers use many methods. One popular method, RadioSETI, listens for artificial radio signals coming from outer space.
Seti@home is basically a RadioSETI project that lets anyone with a computer and an Internet connection participate.

Join our SETI-team

You can join our team by installing the boinc-software. Contact us if you want more information or run into any problems.
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Many of us are not convinced there is intelligent life on earth but we still believe this is an important and fun project to participate in!

We participate in several BOINC projects, check out our main BOINC page here.

We have been members of the SETI Team "TEAM Colliander" since 1999 with a short break when the Berkeley University made technical changes to the client. We are currently only processing SETI data on a few number of servers and office computers and make no attempt to be in the top 100 lists or similar to show off our fast servers etc.

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